Best Online Guitar Lesson Websites

The Best Online Guitar Lesson Websites are Just a Click Away! Here’s 10 of the Best!

In a lot of ways, learning how to play the guitar is the same as it’s always been. From the first time you pick up your instrument and grow calluses on your fingers, to the time you memorize those three-note chords and play your favorite blues song, it’s an exciting experience. Nothing will ever take away from that.


In recent years, aspiring guitar rockstars have taken to the Internet for new ways to go about learning their fine craft. While the traditional model of visiting a local guitar instructor once a week will always be valued and upheld, there are some alternative ways of picking up the pace that only requires a computer and a web connection.


So, what do you say? Are you interested in trying out a brand new way to learn guitar that doesn’t require monthly payments and travel times? Try online guitar lessons! There are numerous amounts of websites, apps, and online instructor schools that can provide anything from basic to in-depth lessons on how to play your style of guitar.


While some apps and websites are free, others may require some payment up front; but, it is usually super worth it if it does. There are a lot of great things about both types of online lesson forums, and the top 10 online guitar lesson websites are just growing ever so rapidly in popularity. Now’s a better time than ever to jump on the guitar lesson train and play your favorite riff for the first time!


Ready to learn any song, any style, at any pace? Check out these top 10 guitar lesson websites that are guaranteed to improve your skills and fine-tune your lessons into a way that works best for you. But first, let’s answer some important questions.

Why Online Guitar Lessons?

People have really taken to the Internet as a great model for developing individualized lesson plans and presenting courses in a variety of different ways. Logically, it has expanded the ways in which people can receive their lessons as well as communicate about what learning techniques work best for them.


Some of the more popular avenues for online guitar lessons include interactive video-based websites, smartphone apps, and personalized Skype lessons. Realistically, you don’t need to get a hands-on experience with an instructor in order to learn how to play the guitar well. It’s now easier than ever to master the instrument of your choice just by searching for good lessons online.


Some of the biggest benefits of online lessons include:


  • The ability to learn from the highest-ranked instructors from anywhere in the world, right in the comfort of your own home
  • You have a wider access to a pool of teachers than ever before
  • There are many different payment plans available, including free lessons
  • You can save money on learning as well as travel time
  • If you are looking to be an instructor, you can more easily build your business using an online avenue


See how there’s so much potential just by looking on the Internet? It’s really taken the world by storm, and we’re happy to be able to share these insights with you now. And we’re utterly thrilled to have found the top 10 absolute best websites for you to start learning guitar ASAP. If you’ve been dreaming for years about mastering the guitar, well, it’s time to wake up, because that dream is finally coming true!


Check out these top 10 sites and try them out for yourself today!

1. JamPlay

JamPlay is one of the highest recommended websites out there. It presents an amazing structure that users have found easy to navigate. Whether you are a brand new beginner or just looking to sharpen your already-known skills, JamPlay is the perfect place to get all of that sorted out.


It comes with a couple of popular and unique features that keeps players wanting to come back for more. It is a membership-based site, meaning there is a grounded and permanent community with extra resources you can always rely on. It’s built by professionals, and that really reflects in the way they present their content.

Best Features:

  • High Quality Videos – Most of the newer content on the website includes a 4k option, allowing you to stream them in HD. This is particularly beneficial for when you need to look at the finer details such as finger placement on the fretboard.


  • Large and Active Community – The players, who are other users just like you, are super involved and passionate about learning guitar. There is a great community forum and even a live lesson section that you can look forward to and follow along with whenever you have the chance to join this Internet-wide jam session!


  • Enough Content for Everyone – JamPlay does a really great job at balancing content from beginner to advanced, and everything in between. They are split between 3 Phases, with courses taught by over 20 different instructors. There is even a section on how to write for guitar!


  • Over 5000 Lessons Available – If you think there isn’t a course that focuses on your specific super detailed interest, think again. JamPlay has over 5000 HD video lessons online right now, and they constantly add more. You’ll never run out of things to do!

The Drawbacks:

  • No Core Learning System – This website is based on individual lessons, where instructors invent their own system. This works for a lot of people, but if you are more interested in sticking to a core curriculum, you might want another website.


  • Paid Membership Required – This is a paid learning system where you can contribute monthly or yearly for a subscription. However, there is a 7 day free trial and a 30 day money-back guarantee if this site really doesn’t vibe with you.


Want to get started with JamPlay and their amazing list of courses and instructors? Click here to get started!

2. TrueFire

Coming in second on our list is arguably the largest online resource for guitar learning. There are over 25,000 video lessons to choose from, with a consistently large number of videos being added every week. Trust us when we say that you’ll never run out of content.


In fact, there are so many different topics to choose from that it might even be difficult deciding where to begin! You can access some great resources from instructors and advanced players all over the world who have contributed their time and knowledge to help you advance your learning in a way that works best for you. This may be especially intriguing to advanced guitar players who are looking to keep that creative edge by investing in new lessons.

Best Features:

  • Largest Number of Lessons – This is the grandest database of online video lessons ever stored. You can choose between so many varieties of lessons and styles until you find what you are truly passionate about.


  • Lots of Free Content – Signing up for TrueFire is free, and once you’re logged in, you will be happy to find that a lot of the content is free for use and for download. Otherwise, it’s discounted!


  • Instant Streaming – You can instantly stream and download just about any guitar learning video you want. Think of it as Netflix but for learning guitar, bass, and other stringed instruments you might be interested in!


  • Learn a Variety of Techniques – Since there is no core curriculum system implemented, you can learn at your own pace and pick up different techniques as you go. Who knows, you may even discover something along the way that will turn into your new passion!

The Drawbacks:

  • Not Everything is Free – Unfortunately, you still have to pay for a lot of the content. While a membership and some content is free, there are professional courses and accelerated learning paths that might require you to fork up a little bit of cash up front before getting access to the entire thing. You can, however, still view free samples just to make sure that the content is right for you before you buy it.


  • Overwhelming For Beginners – Some beginners might have a hard time understanding where exactly to start. Since there are thousands of courses thrown into the database, it can be hard to sort through.


For more information about dedicated learning paths and membership, visit TrueFire here!

3. Jamorama

Jamorama is a little bit of a different type of guitar learning website from the others listed above, and from most others on this list, but we still wanted to include it because it does offer a few unique features that may be right for you. It’s still one of the top ranked guitar learning websites on the Internet, and for good reason, too.


Jamorama essentially offers something that is like a social media platform designed for learning the guitar. It’s deemed “The Social Network for Guitar Students”, and it’s rightly named. You can join a pretty active community of people who help each other learn, rather than learning on an instructor-student system.

Best Features:

  • Lowest Fees – Jamorama is one of the lowest paid membership guitar lesson sites out there. While it is still a cost, you can pay as little as $5 a month with access to all of the dynamic features, lessons, and forum communications that will help you learn your craft.


  • Earn Achievements and Share Activity – If you’re a fan of social media, then you’ll get a kick out of being able to share your achievements and songs with others. Earn rewards as you go, collect lesson completion stamps, and boast about your progress!


  • Gamification – The “Gamification” process treats learning guitar like playing a game, which is engaging and allows you to use social features to stay motivated


  • Choose Your Courses – There are actual lesson plans and courses available to choose from, so you can start anywhere from beginner to advanced in order to hone your skill.

The Drawbacks:

  • No Course Structure – While there are courses to complete, it doesn’t follow an actual lesson plan like the other websites do. It’s more about posting updates and earning points to boost your social media presence while you learn.


  • Paid Membership – Unfortunately, Jamorama does not stray away from the common model of asking for a paid membership. You’d think a social media platform would be free, but this one incurs costs so that they can pay for the additional courses.


You can enjoy Jamorama at all stages of learning. For a social media experience while you learn, try it out today!

4. JustinGuitar

Finally, a free online guitar website option! JustinGuitar makes it on to our list due to its fabulous reviews and a wide plethora of videos and lessons available. It follows a similar structure to the paid membership sites, but with a little bit more wiggle room to allow you to choose how you learn, and at what pace.


The website is structured around its free lessons. There are, however, books and DVDs that can be purchased following the lesson structure. Of course, you are never obligated to buy anything, and your membership does not have to ever be paid for if you do not want it to. There is just some extra material that you can invest in if you want to enrich your lessons even further.

Best Features:

  • Completely Free – This is a completely free online guitar learning course with free lessons and videos brought by a trusted instructor. You can access over 1000 lessons that have been endorsed by celebrities with more content being released all the time.


  • Free Community Features – There’s a pretty large following on JustinGuitar and you’ll find a great forum full of people who are just like you, looking to learn more about playing the guitar. There are even some bonus lessons and information provided by community members for you to enjoy.


  • Online Tools – JustinGuitar comes equipped with a variety of online tools, software, programs, and systems that can give you all of the details you’ve ever wanted. An interval ear trainer, a tempo calculator, and access to all scales and modes are just some of the many features you’ll find here.


  • Available Products – If you’re looking to purchase, you can find more books and DVDs available on the online shop to choose from. You’ll get a free sample of what’s in store before you have to commit, though.

The Drawbacks:

  • Pushy with Products – The website will try to sell you their paid products as often as possible, so just try to ignore that while you continue enjoying the thousands of free features and lessons on this website.


  • Not the Best Quality – The videos have been reviewed as less than professional quality on the most part. Guess the old model of “You get what you pay for” is true here.


Want to engage in some free content and access a variety of nifty programs and tools? Check out JustinGuitar here!

5. ArtistWorks

ArtistWorks is one of the most highly recommended guitar lesson websites out there. It is very different than the others reviewed on this page, though. Their lessons aren’t a straightforward process of paying for a membership and getting full access to the videos and programs.


Instead, ArtistWorks has a system where you purchase a membership to a specific instructor or a specific school of learning. For example, you can purchase a classical guitar membership or a rock guitar membership. Or, you can purchase all of Paul Gilbert’s programs as an individual instructor. From there, you decide whether you want the 3, 6, or 12 month program.

Best Features:

  • Interactive Teaching – You actually have the ability to upload a video of yourself playing the guitar for the instructors to view. They are all top rated, highly qualified instructors who will individually work with you until you get it right.


  • High Quality Courses – ArtistWorks is renowned for having great quality content. You even have the ability to sample the lessons before you buy the in order to make sure that it’s the right thing for you.


  • Hundreds of Videos Per School – Don’t worry about missing out on content by purchasing just one school or instructor. There are tons of things to learn that will keep you occupied for months or even years to come.


  • Speak with members – You can interact with ArtistWorks members around the globe. They are all an active community with a willingness to help you critique your work and enhance your learning.

The Drawbacks

  • Bigger Cost – This website is a little pricier than most, if only because it offers some of the best and most specialized content for guitar learning that the Internet has to offer.


  • Alternative Payment Plan – Some users do not like that you pay for a school or an instructor, rather than just buying into a monthly membership with access to the whole website.


Learn more about ArtistWorks and how to join here!

6. GuitarTricks

Possibly the number one most popular guitar learning website online is GuitarTricks. Not only is it the most popular, but it is also the most highly recommended. It comes with thorough, easy-to-follow steps and instructions with each lesson. Plus, the website offers more than just a video course; you can get learning apps, DVD courses, and internal feedback along the way.


The website didn’t grow popular overnight, and in fact it had a lot to learn. But now it is considered to be one of the more successful guitar lesson websites for beginners, intermediates, and advanced members alike. Check out some of the features for yourself with a 2-week free trial!

Best Features:

  • Easy to Grasp Lessons – You will enjoy how easy the lessons are to master and learn. Each course is designed with a variety of different learning styles in mind, from simple YouTube videos to music writing insights. People who have never before picked up a guitar claim to have been able to create music after just a few easy lessons.


  • Thousands of Lessons and Songs Available – There are thousands of lessons to access all with your paid membership. Not only are there over 600 songs to learn, master, and memorize, but there are over 11,000 courses to add to your library and practice again and again.


  • Great for All Learners – No matter your skill level or prior experience with guitars, you will find GuitarTricks to be really great for your talents. You can pick it up right away or enhance your already-known skills in a breeze.


  • Get Results Quick – Most players report progress within a matter of minutes. Something about the great instruction skill and the well laid-out lessons that makes it simple and addictive to pick up.

The Drawbacks:

  • Expenses – This membership is a little pricey, considering it is one of the best in the entire world. You can pay monthly or yearly, but all of the content and learning that comes with it is worth it.


  • Overwhelming Choices – It’s great that GuitarTricks allows you to be able to choose your playing style, but those who are just starting out might find it an overwhelming choice if they don’t know what style they prefer.


To start with a free 2-week trial, click here!

7. Guitar Instructor

Guitar instructor is a paid membership website that specializes in offering courses based on the music and theories of the great guitar celebrities. Learn how to riff like Jimi Hendrix and get unlimited access to tons of music by the Eagles, Guns N’ Roses, the Beatles, and more!


Of course, there’s more than just popular songs – there are lessons built into the framework as well. Your membership is an investment in premium lessons with tons of teachers to help you out along the way. It’s not bad for a low monthly price.

Best Features:

  • Different Learning Styles to Choose From – You have up to six different unique guitar learning styles to choose from for your beginner courses. You’ll never get stuck wondering what to do or trying to find out how to navigate your way around some of the more intermediate features.


  • Both Types of Guitars – You can learn on both electric and acoustic guitars for your preferred lesson type. Why not rock out like a pro and then navigate some amazing classical songs without needing a pick?


  • Free Trial – Before you commit to a low $10/month price, you can access a free trial for a week. With the trial, you’ll have access to just about everything, so you can get a little taste of what to expect.


  • Play Along – Unique to Guitar Instructor is a feature called “Play-Alongs”, which is just that: A list of over 1200 guitar songs to play along with. Some are famous celebrity performances, while others are good exercises to help you develop your skill with this dynamic instrument.

The Drawbacks:

  • Investment – You are paying for a membership to the website, so keep in mind that this is not a free endeavor. However, the payment is definitely worth it, with easy lessons, courses, chord lists, and play-along songs. You’ll always have something to do!


  • Hard to Contact – It might be difficult to get in touch with the Help department at Guitar Instructor. They only seem to respond to email inquiries, so if you’re in need of a quick solution, you might want to check the forum.


Register as a member and earn your free trial to Guitar Instructor here!

8. Guitareo

Also known as Musora Media, Inc., Guitareo is an interactive guitar lessons website that offers courses for beginners. The lessons are complete and easy to understand, helping you to hone and build your skills in a way that works best for you. It is definitely one of the more generous websites when it comes to free trials and money-back guarantees. Although it does require a paid membership, you can get a pretty good sample of what’s in store before you even spend a dime.


And on that same note, there are still plenty of free resources to enjoy. Even if you can’t afford the lessons quite yet, you can access the community board as well as some great tips and tricks to help you get started as quickly as possible.

Best Features:

  • Low Price Membership – Although you have to pay, you can save with membership discounts and pretty low costs across the board. And after you register, you get access to over 1200 lessons on demand, including 80 courses and additional features for different styles of playing.


  • Money-Back Guarantee – You will receive a 90 day money-back guarantee when you register with Guitareo. That’s three times as long as most money-back guarantees, especially for guitar lesson websites. This means you have three months to try out all of the extensive features before you have to truly decide if your lessons have been worth the price.


  • Qualified Teacher – You will receive lessons from Nate Savage, a professional guitarist and producer of some best-selling lessons in the past. He’s a great guide for navigating your first guitar lessons.


  • Great Community Help – Guitareo has a pretty extensive community with a lot of opportunity for communication and feedback. While it may not be the next big social media hit, you’re bound to meet some people who share the same interests and passions as you.

The Drawbacks:

  • Only for Beginners – This website has a pretty great range of features and high quality lessons, but if you are already a pretty intermediate to advanced guitar player, you might not find anything that is too new or enriching for you. It’s encouraged to still give it a try, though!


  • Expensive Fees – The monthly and annual fees are a little bit higher than most. It isn’t quite as exhaustive or highly reviewed as GuitarTricks, so you have to decide if the price is worth it or not.


Get a discounted membership rate and access to a free trial at Guitareo!

9. Guitar Compass

Guitar compass is a pretty extensive guitar lesson website with a wide variety of lessons and courses to choose from. Not only do you get access to tons of premium content, but there are also free materials along with a paid version. You can interact with the community, discover your own guitar style, and learn from the pros who have been in the industry for decades.


Guitar Compass claims that you will “Learn how to actually play guitar”. This means that instead of following along with an app or game, you will be applying real strategies and learning techniques to help you understand, memorize, and evolve your very own guitar skills. Although this website does have a paid membership, it will certainly help you take your skills to the next level.

Best Features:

  • Different Pricing Plans – While it can be hard to get away from the fact that you might need to pay for a decent learning website, you can make it a little easier on your wallet by choosing from the different pricing plans that are available. You’ll be able to decide whether you are looking for a monthly or a yearly commitment to help relieve some stress.


  • 500 Premium Lessons – After you pay for a membership, you will gain special access to paid content such as over 500 premium lessons and thousands of materials and tools to use to your advantage. There are also a lot of free materials that you can use for good information and share with your buddies as well.


  • Different Styles and Skill Levels – Whether you are looking to learn how to read tablature or you want to nail down some great power chords, you’ll find access to a lot of different topics, styles, music sheets, and more.


  • Free Trial – Guitar Compass is generous to offer a 7-day free trial, allowing you to get a taste of all of the premium content and lessons that you might want to start taking advantage of before you commit to a membership.

The Drawbacks:

  • Not a Lot of Genres – Some customers have complained that there aren’t as many genres to choose from as there are with other websites. You might get lucky with Rock and Blues, but you might be hard-pressed to find anything else.


  • No Advanced Materials – The pros might be out of luck when trying to find something to suit their skill level. There’s still a lot to play around with, though.


Sign up or access some of the free materials at Guitar Compass!

10. Fretjam

Fretjam tops off our list as a 100% free-to-use guitar lesson website with hundreds and thousands of lessons, materials, songs, and tools to use as you start your guitar playing journey. It’s a fantastic way to not only learn the basics, but get involved with some intense music theory as well. Not only is everything free, but it is also very easy to use.


The lessons are comprehensive enough for beginners to understand while also keeping advanced players from getting bored. You should definitely give this website a visit if you are looking for a way to start learning for free. There is of course a paid membership option, if you are looking to get even more bang for your buck. But the nice thing about Fretjam is that the subscription is completely optional, and not having it won’t block you from accessing some of the greatest content on there.

Best Features:

  • Well-Rounded Courses – Whether you are interested in a single genre or many genres, you will receive a well-rounded series of instructions and lessons to help you hone your skills in guitar. Knowing a little bit of everything can help you become a better player, even if you are only interested in a single style.


  • Free Content – Everything is free, and nothing is barred behind a membership price. While membership is an option, you don’t need it in order to get the full extent of use out of the site.


  • Huge Number of Members – There are over 15,000 members on Fretjam. This means that when you’re in a bind, you can rely on the community to help you out. There’s a pretty active forum, and you’ll never run out of topics to discuss or people to ask questions to.


  • Learn the Mechanics – You won’t just learn how to memorize chords. Instead, you’ll learn mechanics and theories to give you a deeper understanding of what your guitar playing really means. You’ll even get a free chord book to help you out!

The Drawbacks:

  • Paid Membership Obligation – You don’t need a membership to do anything, but that won’t stop the owners of the website from trying to encourage you to subscribe anyway.


  • No Advanced Options – There’s a lot of content available for beginners and intermediate players. However, the pros might find the resources a little lacking. It’s still worth a try, because you never know what there is still left to learn!


Take advantage of Fretjam’s 100% free content with a new lesson here!

What’s Your Favorite Way to Learn Guitar?

Above are listed a lot of different websites with thousands and thousands of resources, lessons, courses, insights, and more. There are infinite ways to learn how to play guitar, and only you can determine what works best for you. Whether you’re into the structured model of a paid membership with access to step-by-step courses and instructions, or whether you prefer to just pick and choose your songs and styles as you go, there’s a website ready for you that will have everything you need.


What are some of your biggest questions about starting to play the guitar? What are some of the things you are looking forward to the most? Have you had the chance to try any of these websites out on your own? In your opinion, which ones are worth the price, and which ones should be left behind? Let us know in the comments below, and, as always, thanks for reading!